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We have set the standards since 14 years

Krakow – Amsterdam – London – Manchester these are four large centres on which we focus our attention. As an international real estate agency we are working according to international standards and we still aim higher.

Estate Dealer operates since 2002. We have taken full advantage of tthe time that has passed by gathering experience and earning the trust of subsequent customers. A team of agents meeting our customers consists of people who are well trained and who care for every detail. Their objective is to care for the process of cooperation from the first meeting up until the moment when the keys to chosen lodgings are handed over.

Real estate business, in which we have been operating for 14 years, covers not only the market of apartments for sale. You will find in our portfolio the offers for land, office premises and homes. We will also help you to find lodgings on a short-term basis or for rent – tell us about your preferences and we will do the rest.

Our professionalism is proven by numerous references and a wide range of trusted business partners. When renting and selling real estate or land we collaborate with companies from the New York Stock Exchange, governments of States as well as companies and private investors from around the world. The total investment budget of our customers was estimated in 2015 at about 3.4 billion Euro.

Years of experience have led us to an important conclusion – each customer is a new inspiration for us. The analysis of each collaboration allowed us to develop long-lasting benefits for Estate Dealer’s customers – a guarantee of free insurance and return from the investment. We want you to strive for perfection with us – we are also waiting for you at:

Meet our team

Natalia Grzesik
Customer Advisor
+48 12 354 08 97

Bartosz Witaszek
Customer Advisor
+48 512 657 484

Kamil Przebinda
Customer Advisor
+48 530 768 412

Dominika Bilska
Customer Advisor
+48 503 759 220

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al. Słowackiego 13A/3
31-159 Kraków
+48 12 354 08 97
+48 503 756 519
+48 535 008 213


  • ul. Syrokomli 22/3 (Parter)
    33-332 Kraków

    e-mail: biuro@estatedealer.net

  • tel. 12 354 08 97
    kom: +48 531 570 265
    kom: +48 503 756 519
  • ul. Szlak 50/328 kl. A2
    30-532 Kraków


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