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Financial Advisors of Estate Dealer are at your disposal to assist you in choosing the best credit offer. We are independent of any financial institution and objectively compare the best offers of banks that are the market leaders.

Doradztwo kredytowe krok po kroku

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you pay that much for our credit services
is the amount of commission
at this level the bank margins are negotiable
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Prior to making the decision, please answer some questions:

1. How to choose the best bank?

  • Check what should be the level of your own contribution.
  • Find out how much is the maximum term of the credit.
  • You have to find out about the margin – it directly affects the amount of the instalments and interest.
  • Select the bank where the commission amounts to 0 zł.

2. What should guide you when choosing a credit?

  • Support – the way your are treated in the bank affects your decisions.
  • Care for all documentation – it is not possible to know everything, which is why you need a professional who will take care of the documents.
  • Security – there are different ways of life, therefore the best credit is the one that will not allow your living conditions to be changed.
  • Speed – after all, we want to make our dreams come true as fast as possible. Select a bank that will allow you to satisfy them as soon as possible.

3. How will the bank rate me?

  • The bank rates the borrowers on the basis of BIK points.
  • The Bank determines the creditworthiness of a customer based on a comparison with the profiles of customers who already received the credit.
  • The more you are like the ideal customer (i.e. the one who repays the credit on a regular basis), the greater number of points is attributed at the scoring.

4. How big will be the margin?

The amount of margin consists of several elements:

  • amount of your own contribution,
  • currency
  • credit period,
  • type of real estate,
  • income,
  • BIK rating.

We are here to filter the offers and present to you only those that satisfy your preferences. No trips to banks, no browsing through the documents. We will show you a simple path to your destination.

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